Proven results
We have proven that with the right approach, significant benefits can be realised by everyone when a member’s holistic needs are identified early.

It's much more than just saying you have a Rehabilitation team
Our Rehabilitation team has a combined experience of over 100 years. But we know this is not enough. Our whole claims team's capability has been improved and we have new tools, systems and processes in place. It means support is considered right from the moment each claim hits our desks, and quality tailored plans are developed.

Investing in the future
We are investing in research to ensure even greater success for our partners in the future. Read our introductory insights paper, A Critical Equation: Balancing Australian Worker Health and Company Wealth. Download here.

A claimant’s personal journey

Venessa was a business support officer for a large national employer before undergoing back surgery in 2008 after it was discovered she had a genetic deformity of the spine. The condition eventually led to her L5 vertebrae breaking in half and separating.

Five years on and with the benefit of hindsight, Venessa believes AIA Australia’s Rehabilitation and return to work approach made a significant difference to her recovery and focused on the importance of engagement with her employer in helping her get back to work

Listen to Venessa's story below.

Specialists in mental illness rehabilitation with RESTORETM

AIA Australia understands that mental wellbeing can be greatly facilitated when a holistic management approach is taken. We have consulted various experts, reviewed the research and listened to those who have recovered in order to develop the RESTORETM program1. AIA Australia’s RESTORETM program provides assistance to your member and develops a tailored wellness and work readiness program for their individual circumstances.

1 Experts consulted include Graham Cowan and Professor Peter White, Chief Medical Office, Swiss Re UK – Psychiatrist and examples of research reviewed includes; Superfriend, The Black Dog Institute and Beyond Blue

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